Neon Resonance

Project Type
Personal Prpject



"Neon Resonance" is a virtual reality experience that represents a groundbreaking exploration of audio visualization set against a cosmic backdrop. Drawing inspiration from the iconic anime of the 1990s, particularly the monumental Neon Genesis Evangelion, this project is a homage to a pivotal era in anime culture. The experience is characterized by its vast cosmic settings, colossal mech-like structures reminiscent of Evangelion, and a vibrant array of metallic and glossy visual effects.

At the heart of "Neon Resonance" is my desire to invite audiences into a world where the boundaries between audio and visual art forms are not just blurred but dynamically intertwined. This project is a testament to the evolving capabilities of virtual reality, showcasing how it can transform our perception of sound and sight.

**Blueprints & Innovations**

I have meticulously crafted three distinct VFX visualizations, each uniquely responsive to audio cues:

  1. Radar Pulse: Enveloped by a swarm of miniature meteorites, this visualization captures the essence of a radar, pulsating rhythmically with the beats of the audio track.

  2. Flowing Metal Streamer: This feature adds a textured, visual layer to the experience. It evolves over time, creating a dynamic and immersive visual narrative that complements the audio.

  3. Chorus Analyzer: The pinnacle of this experience occurs during the chorus. Here, the audio is analyzed in real-time, transforming the sound into a visual spectacle of lines and patterns that capture the essence of the music.


**Final Deliverable**