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During my tenure at Publicis Groupe, I had the privilege of contributing to the design of the electric car website and social media interface for our esteemed client, Genesis. This project demanded a delicate balance between aesthetic appeal and practical functionality, a challenge I eagerly embraced.

The core of my design philosophy for this project was to encapsulate the sleek, modern essence of Genesis electric cars while ensuring user-friendly navigation and information accessibility. My approach involved a meticulous process of creating and refining digital layouts, color schemes, and interactive elements that align with the sophisticated brand identity of Genesis.

The project encompassed various facets of digital design, from the conceptualization of the website's user interface to the creation of visually compelling content for social media platforms. A significant portion of my work is currently live and engaging audiences on major social media platforms in mainland China.


Before embarking on the design phase for Genesis' electric car digital interface, I initiated an extensive research campaign to analyze and understand the software solutions of key competitors, including industry giants like Porsche and Tesla. This strategic analysis was pivotal, as it provided insights into the market standards, user expectations, and innovative features that set these brands apart.


*App/Webpage Design**

**UI Improvment**

**Cover Design**